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If your car is looking a little bit dull, it is most likely because the paintwork has taken a beating, paint correction can change all that. It can rejuvenate your car and make it look like new again. It is a process that restores the paintwork, eliminating those imperfections that age your car.

Paint Imperfections Are Added Daily To Your Car...

-Car Detail Miami

Driving around Miami, Florida isn’t something that one relishes. The conditions of the roads can have your car facing even more damage. Stones are tossed up from vehicles ahead of you, sun, wind and rain take their toll and insects leave their gunge on the bodywork.

A trip each day from your home to the office will add in a host of new imperfections. Surface imperfections are removed from the top layer of the car’s paintwork.

Instead of a dull, hazy look, paint correction restores that sharp reflection.

Sometimes car owners use the wrong cleaning clothes or buffers while trying to remove all the stuff adhering to the paintwork. This can include tar. The surface is scraped and swirl marks are the result.

Excellent Tools

At Car Detail Miami, we’ve got the best tools and products to ensure a superb outcome. This is no easy task – it’s a labor-intensive process. We make use of the best refinishing tools and nanotechnology abrasives. This gets rids of all those defects – scratches and swirl marks on the surface. There are many reasons for car imperfections –

  • stones tossed up
  • hail damage
  • dust and grime
  • tree sap
  • insect gunge
  • bird droppings

Rust – it Requires Immediate Paint Correction

Paint contamination is another issue cars have to endure, particularly cars along the coast. In fact the most common contaminate is rust. You can actually feel the contamination, and regular waxing doesn’t fix the problem, in fact, it even seals the contaminates in.

You don’t want to see those little rust specks, and if you don’t treat it immediately, it’s indicative of major problems, allowing water to penetrate under the paint.

Our paint correction comes from well-trained technicians. We don’t just fill in the scratches with sub-par polishes like some detailing shops.
At Car Detail Miami we do things differently and the right way – we actually remove the scratches. In fact, a lot of the work we do is fixing up what other dealers haven’t done, or if they did it, it was done incorrectly.

Call us with your paint correction issues. With our multi-step paint correction process, we do things right first-time around.