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Wax is Out – Nano Ceramic Coating is In

At Car Detail Miami we say wax is dead, and nano-ceramic coating is the answer. It forms a crystal layer, giving your car a durable, super-high gloss finish.  Not all nano-ceramic coatings are equal, and to ensure your car is protected under Miami’s harsh weather conditions, we go with XPEL and Suntek – the best in the world.
This amazing paint coating creates an extremely durable clear glass layer, and in doing so, reduces those imperfections in the paint – salt, acid, watermarks as well as environmental toxins.


You won’t be able to get these products just anywhere, as this awesome ceramic coating is only available to select retailers who have the means to install it correctly. You’re therefore not likely to find it elsewhere in Miami. Ceramic coating and Nano-Ceramic Coating chemically bonds to your car’s bodywork and gives it that extra layer of protection.

  • Stronger than wax
  • Makes vehicles paint stay vibrant
  • Use less often than wax
  • Lasts 100-150 washes

Your Car’s Color Stays Vibrant

Ceramic coating makes your car hydrophobic, meaning it gives your car the ability to repel water. Your car becomes more resistant to sunlight, intense heat, chemicals and even graffiti. The coating is completely transparent and doesn’t interfere one bit with the original color of your car.

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At Car Detail Miami we are proud leaders in ceramic coating industry.  You won’t find more dedicated, qualified technicians. Of course there are other ceramic coating installers in Miami, but there is not another Car Detail Miami.

At our top-notch facility, each car gets our undivided attention, and because we’re fully insured, licensed, and certified to install XPEL and Suntek products. You will not find a more detail-oriented and meticulous service shop in South Florida.

What is best for?

Ceramic Coating will provide you advantages for up to five whole years. The layer of protection is best on newer cars to maintain the shine your car had in the showroom. Older, more used cars will look more vibrant.